Septic Tanks

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of septic tanks. After 35 years in the Liquid Waste business, these are my views of what you should be doing with your septic.

About 80% of all septic tanks we do work on are not functioning properly. The cause of failure is more often than not household chemicals. Your tank needs bacteria to flourish so as to keep the separation of water from solids functioning and chemicals stop this happening and no matter what type of tank you have this affects you.

Your tank needs emptying every 3 years minimum. This is for all types of tanks.


For Information on the different types of Septic Tanks, view our Septic Tank Types page.

We also provide tips on what you should and shouldn’t put into your septic tank on our Handy Septic Tank Hints page.


It is illegal to spread human effluent on to paddocks or into forestry in Canterbury.
If you know of this happening you should contact Environment Canterbury Pollution Hot Line on 03 366 4663 immediately.

For Septic Tank Services contact the team today on 0800-372-004 or direct on 03-349-8871


Common Septic Tank Problems

Tank Smells:

After emptying, you septic may smell slightly until the tank is full and a crust starts building up on top of the liquid. Dead tanks or tanks with chemical contamination smell. Tanks that need cleaning. Your field tiles or disposal system is not working and water is not getting away. If you tank is in a very sheltered area, sometimes smells seem to build up until the wind circulating clears it.

Gurgling Sounds:

Gurgling sounds coming from you house means your gully traps are full which in turns means the water is not getting into your tank or away from it.

Toilet Slow:

If your loo is slow at getting away it means your water levels in your system are not right. This could be caused by blocked drains or a full septic tank.

If you have a septic tank and you think you have a blocked drain. It is better to ring your septic tank man than pay to have the drain cleared and then be told you need your tank emptying ending up with two bills instead of one! We endeavour to always clear blocked drains.