Sludge Dewatering & Pond Cleaning

With the incorporation of Robson Environmental Services Ltd we are able to offer the Sludge Dewatering service. This is ideal for large Sewer, Settling or Oxidation Ponds. The Dewatering service includes:

  • Turns Pond Sludge into Solid Waste and releases Clear Water for recycling
  • Is Truck Mounted and Mobile to go just about anywhere!
  • It is Affordable and Efficient Waste Management.
  • Capable of turning 20,000 Litres of Pond Sludge into 2 Tonne of Solid Waste -That’s an Outstanding Reduction!

Dredge Hire

We now offer the ability for our clients to hire our dredge and do the work themselves if they want to be in control of the process. Contact the team today to get a quote to hire our dredge units.

So call or email us for Free Estimates and Advice on All Work.

Contact the team today on 0800-372-004 or direct on 03-349-8871