Handy Septic Tank Hints


Common Questions:

Can you retrieve things from the septic?

Yes, we can retrieve you false teeth or wedding ring out of your septic if we know its there.

What can I flush down into my septic tank?

Tampons OK
Condoms OK
Panty Liners OK
Sanitary Pads NOT OK!
Nappy Liners NOT OK! (inclined to block tanks prematurely)


If you want to clean whites, soak in a bucket (not your laundry tub or washing machine) then throw the water outside as long as it does not go down your drain.


When washing your floor, use a bucket then dispose of the water outside as long as it does not go down your drain.


Only use your dishwasher when it is full or once a day. Try and cut back the amount of chemicals you use, most machines will clean efficiently with half the chemicals recommended by manufactures.


If you have a waste master, your tank will need to be emptied more often simply because of the amount of solids going into it.


This is a difficult one, nothing you put in there to clean it will do the tank any good. My recommendation is to use all cleaners in moderation and only when really needed. The toilet bowl is a glazed surface and does not need a huge amount of chemicals thrown at it.

Your Septic Tank and Your Garden

  1. Tanks cannot be emptied through the mushroom as you will only take away water.
  2. When your tank is emptied, the lids must be lifted to access the solids inside. This is why it is important to know what type of tank you have. An operator may have to dig up twice the area necessary to find the access hatch.
  3. Do not put trees and shrubs over access hatches unless you want them dug up every 3 years.
  4. Some trees and shrubs planted near tanks can cause root problems within the tank and in outlet drain lines. Willows are especially bad for this and will travel some distance to find liquid.

It is illegal to spread human effluent on to paddocks or into forestry in Canterbury.
If you know of this happening you should contact Environment Canterbury Pollution Hot Line on 03 366 4663 immediately.

For any other questions, contact the team today on 0800-372-004 or direct on 03-349-8871